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What Are Rehabilitative Exercise Programs?

Since chiropractic care is all about providing an organic alternative to conventional treatments, it’s only natural that exercise is involved.

Rehabilitative exercise is a powerful treatment option for sports injuries, auto injuries, or injuries that occur from a bad fall.

Whatever the case may be, here’s what you can expect from rehabilitative exercise programs at Integrity Chiropractic in Beckley.

Physical Therapy with Web Exercises

Web Exercises is a program that provides general exercise routines and education. That way, you’re not simply following a checklist of exercises. You’re informed as to the purpose of each exercise, how to execute it properly, and its precise benefits.

In addition to providing a routine, Web Exercises also takes a modern approach to physical therapy. Their app includes video instructions and a progress tracker, which makes staying on top of your routine easier than ever.

Rehabilitative Exercise with Crossover Symmetry

Used by 20 MLB teams, Crossover Symmetry is a tried-and-true system for rehabilitative exercise.

The exercises are performed with a rig that has two cords attached to it. By using these cords for a variety of resistance-based exercises, you can develop strength and neuromuscular connection.

Part of the reason Crossover Symmetry is so useful for rehabilitation is that it was designed around shoulder musculature. Shoulder and arm rehabilitation isn’t just a useful application of Crossover Symmetry, it’s literally what it was made to do.

Receive the Best Rehabilitative Exercise Programs in Beckley

Rehabilitation is an uphill climb, but you don’t have to go it alone. There are rehabilitation exercise programs that can guide you back to peak performance in no time.

Whether you’re interested in the tech behind Web Exercises or the arm-focused design of Crossover Symmetry, you can find both at Integrity Chiropractic in Beckley.

Are you looking for a rehabilitative exercise program? Don’t wait any longer. Make an appointment with Integrity Chiropractic online or by phone. Our chiropractors will help you get back to 100% by using the most verified physical therapy programs.

-evidence-based exercise programs customized for each individual patient and their specific condition.
-programs can be emailed with pictures and videos for tracking at-home care.
-exercises handouts are printed out for recording progress
-we use a combination of body weight, resistance bands, and dumbbell exercises, as well as stretching tools that can be found around most households.

Crossover Symmetry

We use the crossover symmetry should program to eliminate most shoulder pain completely in 30 days or less. We can also rehabilitate the rotator cuff and entire shoulder girdle to help prevent future problems and to improve function.