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HydroMassage Therapy

What Can You Expect from Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a gentle, yet powerful treatment option that heals as much as it relaxes.

Whether used in conjunction with primary chiropractic treatment or by itself, it can be an extremely valuable alternative to conventional pain treatment.

If you come to Integrity Chiropractic in Beckley, here’s what you can expect from massage therapy and its popular variation, HydroMassage therapy.

What Does Massage Therapy Consist Of?

Massage therapy is a way of healing muscles and soft tissues through gentle manipulations of the body. These manipulations typically take the form of rubbing and pressing at varying intensities.

Due to the fact that there are different styles of massage, you’ll receive the type that fits your particular condition. As an example, muscle damage will require a more intensive massage than usual.

What Sets HydroMassage Therapy Apart?

One of the most unique approaches to massage therapy is HydroMassage therapy. As the title suggests, it utilizes a special table with a heated mattress filled with water underneath its surface.

When you lay back on the table, a pump propels the water toward your body in separate waves, thus creating the massage.

Due to the combination of the buoyant mattress, the heat, and the water massage, HydroMassage therapy is able to treat a multitude of the body’s systems while putting the minimal amount of pressure on the body.

You Can Find Massage and HydroMassage Therapy in Beckley

Everyone enjoys a good massage, but not everyone understands how valuable a massage can be.

Relaxation aside, massage therapy can treat pain and stiffness with some simple manipulations of the body. Likewise, HydroMassage therapy is uniquely qualified to provide a rigorous and calming massage that wouldn’t be possible on a traditional massage table.

Getting your pain treated doesn’t need to be a pain. It can be as soothing and simple as getting a massage.

Are you interested in trying out massage therapy? Don’t wait any longer. Make an appointment with Integrity Chiropractic online or by phone. Whether it’s a traditional massage or a HydroMassage, we’ll give your body the attention it needs and deserves.

The physiological effects of heat and massage are very complimentary in the treatment of many types of soft tissue injuries and other conditions such as orthopedic, rheumatic, and neurologic disorders as well as certain post-surgical conditions. These two forms of therapy are therefore frequently applied together.

Physiologic Effects of Radiant Heat

  • Analgesic—This effect is the most frequent indication for the application of heat. Current thought suggests this effect is related to the gate control theory of pain modulation.
  • Antispasmodic—Heat is generally considered to produce a relaxation effect and reduction in muscle guarding. It also increases the elasticity of connective tissue which is an important consideration in treatment of post acute strains and sprains, and after long periods of immobilization.
  • Decongestive—Increased capillary blood flow is important in the treatment of many types of injury because it causes an increase in the supply of oxygen and other necessary nutrients and enzymes in addition to an increased clearing of metabolites.
  • Sedative—Heat helps decrease spasticity, tenderness and spasm.
  • Local vasodilation—Increases local metabolic rate (increased healing rate) and resultant additional heat.

Physiological Effects of Massage

  • Increases local blood supply to soft tissues, muscles and joints.
  • Increased drainage and reduction of swelling in soft tissue, muscle, and periarticular regions.
  • Muscle relaxation and reduction in muscle guarding.
  • Increased venous and lymphatic return augmenting reduction of edema.
  • Prevents adhesions and fibrosis in muscles, ligaments and contiguous tissues.
  • Decreased tendency towards muscle atrophy during long periods of immobilization or disuse.
  • Pain reduction and interruption of pain sensation cycle resulting in increased ease of mobility

How HydroMassage Works

You simply lie back, completely clothed, on the table. Just under the surface is a mattress filled with heated water. A pump propels the warm water towards you through three patented hydro-jets. Each jet spins at nearly 200 revolutions per minute. A primary wave and a lighter, secondary wave combine to produce a very effective deep tissue massage to all areas of the spine simultaneously. The combination of flotation, heat and massage produce the therapeutic effects and are described below.

Flotation: Water is extremely buoyant. When the body is placed on the water mattress, there is minimal strain on the weight-bearing joints.
Additionally, few if any muscles are required to hold the body up or in position. These two conditions combine to help the patient’s body relax resulting in an increased physiologic response to treatment.

Heat: Heat is evenly conducted through the skin and into the muscles and soft tissues of the body. The heat expands blood vessels, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, increases metabolism and has a sedative effect.

Massage: The pressure of the water on the body increases venous and lymphatic flow. One of the effects of the resulting stimulation is increased molecular motion in the skin that may aid the healing process. Hydromassage helps works out trigger points in the muscles, which are localized areas of hyperirritability that induce a cycle of spasm, pain, tension, weakness and limited range of motion in the joints.

Hydromassage focuses on the muscular system, the fascia, the circulatory and lymphatic systems or a combination of these body systems. Fascia is the connective tissue that attaches organs to organs, muscles to bones (tendons) and bones to bones (ligaments). The lymphatic system carries lymph, a clear or yellowish substance that flows throughout the body, filtering foreign matter and removing excess fluid, protein and waste products from the tissues and transporting them to the blood to be circulated and eliminated.