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Category: Neck Pain Treatment

Natural Neck Pain Treatment With Chiropractic

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on March 18, 2022

Neck pain is a common complaint heard by doctors and chiropractors. Neck pain can be caused by poor posture, muscle strains, injury, or sleep behavior. In some cases, neck pain is a symptom of another illness or condition, such as... Read More

TMJ Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on January 18, 2022

  If you’re waking up with jaw soreness or struggling to fully open your mouth without hearing a popping sound, you may be suffering from TMJ. This condition can be extremely painful and limit your ability to speak correctly. Luckily, you... Read More

Integrity Chiropractic’s 7 Natural Treatments for Neck Pain

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on August 18, 2021

Neck pain has become a chronic issue in the US. Easily half the population struggles with some form of neck pain with 30% of the population suffering from chronic conditions. Reaching for drugs hasn’t solved the problem and surgery isn’t... Read More

How Holiday Stress Can Cause Headaches & Neck Strain

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on January 8, 2021

The holiday season is a busy time of year. Planning meals, shopping for gifts, and juggling social engagements with family and friends can leave you feeling exhausted and stressed. This may make it difficult to enjoy the celebrations. Additionally, stress... Read More

How to Prevent Neck Pain While Sitting at Your Desk

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on August 28, 2020

Does your neck feel achy, stiff, or sore by the end of an eight-hour workday? Sedentary desk jobs have increased 83% since 1950, and the average office worker may spend up to 15 hours per day sitting. Working and sitting... Read More

Got a Herniated Disc? Try Spinal Decompression

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on November 5, 2019

Spinal decompression may sound scary, but it’s one of the best nonsurgical treatments for lower back, neck and arm pain as well as headaches. Living with chronic pain is debilitating. It can prevent you from carrying out everyday activities and living... Read More

Is it Possible for Chiropractors to Treat Headaches?

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on August 5, 2019

Headaches aren’t fun, especially when they sneak up on you and knock you down when you least expect it. Luckily, there is a way to treat headaches that doesn’t merely numb the symptoms, but addresses the root cause. Chiropractic care from... Read More

Neck Pain Due to Bad Posture? Chiropractic Can Help

Written By Integrity Chiropractic Inc on July 5, 2019

The way the modern world is constructed, it’s almost impossible not to have neck pain from bad posture. Whether it’s your office computer or your phone, your neck is likely craned at an unnatural angle all day. While that might be... Read More

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